Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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The Super Concert Guitar

128 total frontWith the super concert guitar I have tried to create a guitar with the strongest possible projection.

The soundboard is a single top, that combines the principle of a lattice top with that of a traditional top.
This top design allows for more flexibility in the areas where that is needed.
This results in
a more beautiful, warmer tone, and it is louder, especially the 1st string.
Also the notes in a chord are better defined and separated.

In the construction of the guitar I have gone to some extremes to create a very high stiffness, which will minimize the loss of energy.

- Solid ebony neck, reinforced with graphite
- Double sides
- I use ebony and other dense woods for the internal reinforcements
- The waist is wider to increase the volume of the body.
- There are reflectors deep in the body to force some extra sound towards the soundhole(s).

For the back and sides I often use a dark and beautifully figured ziricote, to give this very special guitar the very special look it deserves. But other woods are possible.

The guitar has an elevated fingerboard, which is good for the sound, makes for easier playing over the octave and minimizes the chance for scratching the soundboard.

The guitar has an armrest on the egde of the soundboard. This prevents damping of the vibration of the soundboard by the arm.  It is also comfortable for the arm, and will prevent medical problems in the arm.

There are 20 frets on the fingerboard.
The string length is 65 cm.
The guitar has a centerbrace and a reinforced back.
The guitar is varnished by hand with a durable finish, rubbed out to a high gloss.
The soundboard is French polished with shellack.
The machineheads are of a high quality, with aluminum rollers and black buttons.
A Hiscox PRO-II case is included.

128 total backI you like to have extra soundholes in the side, you can choose between a monitor soundhole in the upper bout, or two extra soundholes on either side of the heel.

I have also started making compensated nuts and saddles, to perfect the tuning of the guitar.

The back of the bridge is reinforced with aluminium.
This prevents wear of the string holes, and makes it possible to tie some of the thicker strings with only a knot at the end of the string.
The triple string holes minimize the danger of damaging the top by a slipping string.

The materials in the super concert guitar:

- A soundboard of very high quality
European spruce, or cedar
- The back is reinforced with cedar
- An ebony neck reinforced with graphite
- An ebony fingerboard
- An ebony centerbrace
- Internal reinforcements in beech
- White decoration lines in maple.

- For back and sides you can choose:
  beautifully figured Ziricote, Katalox, Santos rosewood, Indian Rosewood,
  or any other very dense wood that you like.
128 head128 roset116 back body123 body back