Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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Some of the guitarists that play my guitars
Aram Van Ballaert

Aram Van Ballaert (Belgium)

Recorded a couple of beautiful CD's and is teaching guitar at the highest level in Leuven.
Robert Bekkers
Robert Bekkers (Netherlands/ USA)

Very active with chamber music, especially the unlikely piano-guitar duo.
The extra volume of my guitars is a big help for him there.

His self recorded Chaconne (Bach) is one of my guitar favorites.
Vladislav Blaha

Vladislav Blaha (Czech Republic)

Has won many competitions, recorded many CD's en is teaching guitar at the highest level.
Remi Boucher
Remì Boucher (Canada)

A fabulous instrumentalist. He has developed new techniques for the right hand, a.o. tremolo with the thumb.
He has won importasnt competitions, recorded many CD's and is playing concerts all over the world.
He also teaches guitar at the highest level.

This is what he thinks of his guitar:

"I want to thank you again for this fantastic guitar, I like it very much."
"... I am extremely happy with this instrument, I am really in love with this instrument ..."
"The guitar is really great, I really like it, I will never tell you enough THANK YOU!! ...  I have great succes with this instrument..."
Raffaele Carpino
Raffaele Carpino (Italy)

An excellent guitarist playing solo concerts as well as concerts with orchestra's.
He is a researcher of the 18th and 19th century guitar music.
His CD with unpublished works by Carulli is an achievement of the highest level.
Sam Cave
Sam Cave (United Kingdom)

A prize winning classical guitarist and top notch composer, teaching at the highest level in London.
He has a passion for the very modern repertoire. His compositions are performed in many countries.
He spends much time working with other composers to create new works for the guitar.

"... I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my guitar."

"... thanks again for your amazing work!"
Peter Constant
Peter Constant (Australia / Netherlands)

He is one half of the Z.O.O. Guitar duo.
He is also directing guitar orchestra's in the Netherlands.
On his request I made him a guitar from highly figured wengé.
See, and especially hear, his hommage to this guitar on YouTube.
Dennis Davis

Dennis Davis (USA)

The director of guitar studies at Eastern Kentucky University, and part of the Lexington Guitar Trio.
Matthew Denman
Matthew Denman (USA)
A highly praised central figure in the guitar community of Oklahoma.
Have a look at him playing one of my super concert guitars on YouTube .
Arnaud Dumont

Arnaud Dumont (France)

A well known composer, plays concerts all over the world and has recorded may CD's.
He owns an experimental guitar that I have made.
He is very much inspired by it's strong trebles and composes music especially for it.
Matt Gould

Matt Gould (USA / Canada)

Part of the violin-guitar duo DUO46, the violin-piano-guitar trio Strung Out Trio and the Sudbury Guitar Trio.
Their performances are of an impressively high standard.
He is very interested in New Music, encouraging composers to write for his duo and trio's.
He is playing one of my very rare super concert guitars in African Blackwood.
Henk Klatter

Henk Klatter (Netherlands)
Henk with custom caseHenk is a guitar teacher, and he performs as a soloist and in various chamber music combinations.
I made him this oval concert guitar, based on my experimental oval guitar that lives in my workshop.
I also made a case for his guitar.
Leo Malvica

Leo Malvica (Italy)

A Sicilian guitarist whith a special versatile technique.
He plays chamber music concerts, as well as Jazz, Flamenco and South American music.

He is playing one of my super concert guitars.
Dana Memioglu

Dana Memioglu (Czech Republic / Austria)

She plays concerts with talented opera singer Taylan Memioglu.
Austin Moorhead

Austin Moorhead (USA)

A talented guitarist who won many prizes in important competitions.
He has recorded a fantastic CD: Adagio.
The guitar sound of this CD might become a new standard.
Johann Palier

Johann Palier (Austria)

Plays concerts and has recorded CD's, often as a duo with flute or violin.
He is an important guitar professor in Graz.
Ruth Perez-Bercoff

Ruth Perez-Bercoff (Italy / Switzerland)

She is active as a guitarist and a teacher.
Rainer Rohloff

Rainer Rohloff (Germany)

Has recorded a very beautiful CD with guitar arrangements of songs by Mikis Theodorakis.
I made his guitar especially for this project.
Ahmet Sönmezler
Ahmet Sönmezler (North Cyprus)

He plays one of the few cedar guitars I have made.
Sudbury Guitar TrioSudbury Guitar Trio (Canada)
A trio with a very attractive repertoire and performance.
And hearing three of my super concert guitars in action toghether is quite an experience!
The comment of Allan Yzereef when he received his super concert guitar:
"Words cannot express how I feel about this guitar. It is truely beautiful! I just sat for the past 2 hours playing around blown away by the sound. It's so fantastic, I really can't believe it. The tone, sonic characteristics, sustain and volume. UNBELIEVABLE!"
(Photograph by Bert Soeters)
Erik Tempelman

Erik Tempelman (Netherlands)

I made the head and the cutaway of his classical concert guitar to his design.
(Photograph by Lucas Rijnders)
Patrick Zeoli

Patrick Zeoli (Northern Ireland / Germany)

Plays the charango in the piano-charango duo Piarango.
On his request, I made him a charango that could compete with the piano.
It is also probably the loudest charango in the world :-) .