Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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The Oval Concert Guitar
Front oval concert guitar
With the
oval concert guitar I have tried to bring the guitar back to it’s essence.
Despite the small size of the body, this guitar sounds exactly like my normal models.
The shape of the body is defined by the shape of the vibrating part of the soundboard.
It is slightly deeper than normal to accommodate the basses.
Playing the high notes, you are not hindered by the body of the guitar.
There is a soundhole in the side of the guitar.
A reflector directs the sound from the soundhole to the audience.
The player can remove the reflector to enjoy the full sound from the soundhole.
With a Neck Up support, the guitar sits comfortably on your leg.
The photograph is of the first oval guitar that has left my workshop (November 2013).
It is based on a prototype on which I started working in 2004, and which has undergone many changes since then. This prototype is important for the development my guitarmaking because it has a removable soundboard, which allows me to try out new ideas easily.