Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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The instruments that I make

The Super Concert Guitar

The guitar with the strongest projection I can make

My guitar making concentrates on making these guitars.

129 total side

The Reduced Weight Super Concert Guitar

A Super Concert Guitar that is lighter in weight, but with almost the same projection.


The Non Tropical Super Concert Guitar

Built with the same design as the Super concert guitar, using only non tropical woods.

The Standard Concert Guitar

A guitar with a very strong projection, but closer to the traditional guitar than the super concert guitar.


The Budget Concert Guitar

A more affordable version of the standard concert guitar, with virtually the same sound.


The Oval Concert Guitar

With this guitar I have tried to bring the shape of the guitar back to it's essence.

The Soprano Concert Guitar

A guitar that sounds one octave higher.

The Contrabass Concert Guitar

A guitar that sounds one octave lower.

The Concert Charango

A South American 10 stringed instrument.