Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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You are welcome to contact me


Phone: +31 6 49825304

Mail: Jeroen Hilhorst, Herculesstraat 4 - 2hoog, 1076 SL  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You are also very welcome to visit me in my workshop (please make an appointment):
Zamenhofstraat 116K, unit 2.06, 1022 AG  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Directions to my workshop:

By car: If your navigation doesn't have
116K on Zamenhofstraat, use Johan van Hasseltweg (any number) and follow the directions on the map below.

By public transport (see also map below):

From Amsterdam Central Station take Metro line 52, direction Noord.
Exit Noorderpark (is only one stop).
When you exit the station go to the right and follow the road to the roundabout with the Volvo garage.
At the roundabout  go straight on and follow Johan van Hasseltweg to the end.
Here the road makes a turn.
Just after this turn, enter the compound at your left, just before the big building (gebouw 150).
At the end of the compound, at your left, is 116K.
My building

My workshop is somewhere in this building.
Route to workshop
From the metro to my workshop.