Jeroen Hilhorst  Concert guitars

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Welcome to my website

My life is dedicated to making classical concert guitars that sound as beautiful and powerful as possible.
Please read the following information as you please, and get an idea of what I am making.

The strong points of my classical concert guitars are:
 • Playing in large halls and playing together with other instruments
    (because of the powerful sound)
 • More interesting interpretations
    (because of the wide dynamic range and the inspiring sound)
 • Better legato and better polyphonics
    (because of the long sustain)
 • Easier playing
    (because of the efficient use of the energy, the powerful sound and the elevated fingerboard)

 My guitars are played by some of the best guitarists as well as by amateurs, in many countries all over the world.

New Email address:
New website address: 

Recent developments in my guitarmaking

I have improved my soundboard design.

In stead of a double top I am using now a single top, in which I combine the principle of a lattice top with the principle of a traditional top.
It has a more beautiful, warmer tone and it is louder, especially the 1st string.
Also the notes in a chord are better defined and separated.
Reduced weight super concert

I have developed a Reduced Weight Super Concert Guitar.

For guitarists that prefer a guitar that is lighter in weight than the super concert guitar, but with the same projection.
The Reduced Weight Super Concert Guitar has a more elaborate internal reinforcing construction.
Because of this the back and sides can be much thinner and that makes the guitar lighter.

It also has a hard maple neck instead of a heavy ebony neck.
It is only slightly less loud than the heavier model.
In combination with the new improved soundboard design,
he Reduced Weight Super Concert Guitar has become a very attractive guitar.

This guitar gets very favourable comments from guitarists and members of the audience.
Here is a review:    


Super concert guitar
now also available in
non tropical woods

A couple of things for sale
    -     Some Nomex and some matured wood for guitar necks
    -     A pre-owned Jeroen Hilhorst Standard concert guitar (2008)

Some old news
I have developed a
Contrabass Concert Guitar

One octave lower than a normal guitar
6 strings
90 cm scale
Oval concert guitar

The first Oval Concert Guitar has left my workshop (November 2013)!
Sudbury guitar trio
Sudbury guitar trio are now playing
 Jeroen Hilhorst Super concert guitars!

Their comment:
“… The tone, sonic characteristics, sustain and volume. UNBELIEVABLE!”

Have a look at my guitarmaking: Peter Constant’s hommage to his Jeroen Hilhorst guitar

Listen to Remi Boucher, playing a Jeroen hilhorst Guitar: Concierto D’Aranjuez, for guitar solo

Fantastic new CD: Unpublished works of Carulli, recorded by Raffaele Carpino, with a Jeroen Hilhorst guitar!

My prices
Body spruceBody cedar
Prices of Jeroen Hilhorst Concert Guitars (from 19 - 5 - 2019):

Super concert guitar                                    € 8.900,-   (outside EU  € 7.355,-)

Reduced weight super concert guitar
   € 8.900,-   (outside EU  € 7.355,-)

- The price reflects the very high hand made quality of the guitars.
   I make only 4 or 5 guitars in a year, working full time on them.

Some other Guitar Information
Belgian and Dutch guitar information:

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